Color Green Blue
Appearances InviZimals
Element Desert

Biography Edit

In Mexico an Honduras they call these crow like invizimals Bandoleros, for their ability to steal stuff from us. Bandoleros are not very strong, but they are indeed brave, showing off and acting proud even in front of much larger creatures. Put a Bandolero in front of a dragon and you will see what we mean. This creature never runs away, even when he should.

How to capture Edit

Put them on your route to make them crash.

Stats Edit

Life 120
Stamina 100
Recovery 8
Attack 12
Armor 3

How to capture Edit

Bandolero can be captured in both invizimals and invizimals shadow zone but it is the same process to capture him.

To capture Bandolero you have to avoid his attacks (when he shots) by moving your PSP. And then move in front of his flight path to force him to crash into your PSP. Do this a number of times and he is yours.