Color Purple
Appearances InviZimals
Element Rock


As a Pup, Bearserker looks like a small, purple bear with grey stones in a line across his spine. He also has stone armour on his legs. As a Colt, his snout grows longer and his armour grows to cover all his legs and his upper back in stone. As a Max, he now stands on two legs and he has grown armour all over the top and sides of his head, over his arms, chest and thighs.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Bearserkers only appear in InviZimals. A Pup is used by Akira from the Tokyo Club. A Bearserker Colt is used by Patrick from the Ayers Rock Club and by Marlene from the Grand Canyon Club.


Bearserkers are rock InviZimals. They have good all-around stats, apart from their weak attack stat. Their strong attack is a Break, so they have an advantage over Ice InviZimals. Their quick attack is a Bite so they are strong against Desert InviZimals.

Stats On Level OneEdit

  • Bearserker Max
  • Bearserker cromos card
  • Bearserker Colt
  • Bearserker Pup headbutting a rock.

Life 120

Stamina 120

Stamina Recovery 6

Attack 10

Armour 6


Bears hibernate in deep rocky caves. That's how Bearserker got his rocky back!!! He slept so much, rock began growing on him. After a thousand years' sleep, he just woke up and, as you can imagine, he's really annoyed at everything and everyone. So get ready for one really angry InviZimal with the force to face even the most terrible enemies!

How To CaptureEdit

To catch a Bearserker, you have to roll him to all the markers by gently tilting the PSP in the direction you want it to move.You have to beat the course in a certain time limit to capture this InviZimal.