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Boneshell Max

boneshell max on my desk

In pup form, Boneshell looks like a shell with legs and a tail. He has a line of spikes along the two sides of its shell that glow when you play the game in a dark place. In colt form, it is two legged and has a longer tail. It has six spikes on its back and armour on its hands, hips, feet and shoulders, all with three spikes sticking out of them. In max form, Boneshell has massive armour on his knees with no spikes and lower arms with spikes. Boneshell also gets horns and his shell has six, massive spikes along the sides. His tail looks like a crocodiles in size and its covered in spikes with two big ones on the tip.

In-Game ApperancesEdit

Boneshell doesnt appear in the invizimals story. He is a rare invizimal obtainable only online.


Boneshell is a rock inviZimal. A weak attacker but a strong defender, his best stat is his life. He also has good armour. Boneshells are good battlers but are hard to raise. When it hits max, it is very powerful but before it it depends on how you raise it. It's highly recommended its attack is raised because it's not a very good attacker, and if you raise it every level, on level 6 it will reach max attack, that will make battles much easier. Its strong attack is a slice so its good against fire. It is also handy against ice as its quick attack is a charge.

Stats On Level OneEdit

Life 140

stamina 100

stamina recovery 6

attack 10

armour 6


Boneshells live in Thailand in south-east Asia. This is indeed a strange creature, reluctant and weak in pup stage, he will become more confident as he grows. Thats the trick: keep a Boneshell until he's max and you will have a very powerful warrior. Until then... good luck!

How To CaptureEdit

Invizimals :To capture a boneshell, you must beat 10 people in infrastructure mode. To get the mutant, you need to beat 30 people online. In mutant form, boneshell is a darker green and yellow.

InviZimals: The Resistance: win 15 combats in Infra / Per tournament
Mutant Boneshell Max

mutant boneshell max