Color Red
Appearances InviZimals: The Lost Tribes
Element Rock
Resonance F21-E7


Cerberus is an Invizimal based on the greek myth of the monstorus, three-headed dog that gaurded the underworld named Cerberus . Its element is rock.


As a Pup, cerberus is a little brown dog with a white belly. It also has a red snake for a tail and red scales and white spikes cover parts of its body. As a Colt, it sprouts a second head and its back is now entirely covered in red scales. the spikes' size increases and two snakes now latch onto its forelegs. As a Max form, its hind legs have got snakes latching on to them as well, and the spikes along its back grow significantly larger. It sprouts a third head and its tail snake has grown much larger.

Biography Edit

Greeks believed in the underworld, a dark kingdom where all souls go. And the underworld was watched over by Cerberus, a mighty three-headed dog who kept the dead from escaping. Will this strong and fierce Invizimal escape from your hands now?

How to capture Edit

Take 3 souls and when the fourth comes out, put the first 3 through the door through which the fourth has come out. Then collect the fourth soul. Please repeat the process until you get it.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

It appears in Athens and Pups were used by Kyriakos and Helene. These are its only in-game appearances so far.