Dark Invizimals Edit

Dark InviZimals are evil, ferocious and monsterous and were discovered and used by Campbell to eradicate all in their path. He took the strongest invizimals of all 6 elements, Flameclaw (Fire), Rattleraptor (Jungle), Hilltopper (Rock(note that Hilltopper isn't Rock)), Icelion (Ice), Bratbat (Desert) and Phalamos (Ocean) and chose them to use for his evil purposes. However, their leader, Dark Icelion, dragged Campbell into the shadow zone so his plan backfired. Keni then goes with Dark Icelion so he in return would stop the invasion. In InviZimals The Lost Tribes, there are seven new Dark Invizimals, Xue Hu (Fire), Xiong Mao (Jungle), Uberjackal (Desert), Tigershark (Jungle), Jetcrab(Ocean(He's normally Rock)), Metalmutt (Rock) and Sandflame (Fire(Sandflame is normally desert)). Keni's diary in the game states that no Dark InviZimal is evil, they're just from different tribes, and when two tribes come together, Fusion appears.

However, when Campbell and Keni entered the shadow realm, Campbell was left to rot in the wilderness and Keni was brought to the city. The InviZimals then taught him to travel through time and space. Campbell learned this trick and another one over time. The other trick was the ritual of transformation, wich turns any InviZimal to the Dark side. Once you complete the mission Transform Tutorial, you can also perform the ritual. In the final battle video, Dark Xiong Mao, Dark Rattleraptor, Dark Xue Hu and Dark Uberjackal are standing with campbell when Keni remarks that the Dark invizimals are not evil and that Campbell had twisted them to the brink of being evil beyond control.

When Campbell replies saying that keni thinks he's "the saviour of the InviZimal world" and throwing him aside. Keni tells you to use the Tigersharks and in a split second, the duo fly through the roof, with debris lying at their feet. After the Tigersharks defeat campbell, the ending plays and the credits roll.

List of Dark InviZimals Edit

  1. Dark Audrey
  2. Dark Bratbat
  3. Dark Coralee
  4. Dark Flameclaw
  5. Dark Gryphon
  6. Dark Hellminth
  7. Dark Hilltopper
  8. Dark Icelion
  9. Dark Jetcrab
  10. Dark Lynx
  11. Dark Makadan
  12. Dark Metalmutt
  13. Dark Minotaur
  14. Dark Neko-Suke
  15. Dark Ocelotl
  16. Dark Phalamos
  17. Dark Rattleraptor
  18. Dark Sandflame
  19. Dark Savannah
  20. Dark Stingwing
  21. Dark Swampamander
  22. Dark Tigershark
  23. Dark Uberjackal
  24. Dark Wingcloud
  25. Dark Xiong Mao
  26. Dark Xue Hu
  27. Dark Qilin
  28. Dark Hellbelly
  • A dark flameclaw with poisonous gas leaking out of its claws
  • A Dark Phalamos charging its beam
  • A Dark Rattleraptor slicing at me
  • Dark Bratbat trying to bite my finger
  • A Dark Hilltopper trying to kill me
  • A Dark Icelion that just bit me
  • looks like a tigershark, but its evil. agressive. DARK. :)
  • Dark Jetcrab v.s Dark Sandflame
  • Dark Gryphon
  • Dark Minotaur
  • Dark Ocelotl

                   Best Dark Invizimal
                 Tiger shark
                 Xue Hu
                 Xiong mao