Color Red,Yellow
Appearances InviZimals

InviZimals: Shadow Zone

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

InviZimals: The Alliance

Element Fire

Appearance Edit

It appears to be like a red pangoloin 

Biography Edit

The Firecrackers appear in ancient scrolls seven hundred years ago. These powerful creatures of fire and ashes live in the depths of volcanoes like Vesuvius. Volcano Dawson and Kenichi they were discovered in his first adventure, and since then Dawson always wears one, as a pet.

How to capture Edit

InviZimals Shadow Zone : Win in Cairo tournament

InviZimals The Lost Tribes:  Put the PSP on pause and inclinable towards the direction in which the symbol is and if there to jump do the same but when it arrives press X and with the speed that it took and that jump you will get.

Stats. Edit

Life 100

Resistance 140

Recharge 6

Attack 10

Armor 6