Color Blue,White,Red,Yellow
Appearances InviZimals: The Lost Tribes
Element Rock

Biography Edit

Ying Yang. Positive and negative. Hot and cold. Opposites, always in struggle. But what if, when the opposites came together, the impossible happened? An Invizimal that could be the fusion of the light and dark creatures of the wave? You have found Fusion, an extremely rare creature, born by uniting two opposing creatures!

Stats Edit

Life 196

Resistance 120

Recharge 11

Attack 19

Armor 27

Capture Edit

Fight in a 2 vs 2 combat using a normal invizimal and its dark. Win the combat and you will get it but keep in mind that your stats vary with respect to the invizimals that you use and that if they have resonance Fusion will not have it but if it will have its features increased. To achieve this it is necessary to have passed the game and to have obtained the page 8 of the newspaper of Keni.