Ha Ha Yena

Ha Ha Yena-0
Color Brown
Appearances InviZimals: Shadow Zone

InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom

Element Desert
Resonance 1st layer: F6 or E5

2nd layer: G12 or G6

Voiced By Elizabeth English

Biography Edit

Ha Ha Yena is the joker of the Savannah. She is always looking for someone to make fun of,whether it's a lost adventurer, the Maasal, or other animals in danger-She'll even laugh at stones! But she better watch out:sometimes he who laughs last, laughs strongest.

How to capture Edit

InviZimals Shadow Zone: Block its path so it keep laughing, eventually it'll be yours

Stats Edit

Life 120

Resistance 140

Recharge 5

Attack 13

Armor 0