InviZimals: Hidden Challenges

InviZimals- Hidden Challenges
Developer Novarama



InviZimals: Shadow Zone

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

Description Edit

Calling all Invizimals hunters!

Keep all your Invizimals cards well organised and have fun with your creatures wherever you are using this useful app. With this app, you will be able to see your Invizimals battles on the screen as well as trade them and save them.

Use your rear camera and add Invizimals to your collection by scanning each one of your cards. Use the Trade Adviser to help you during transactions with your friends and increase your Invizimals collection by obtaining all the creatures that you are missing.

If you scan your Habitat cards, you will generate a virtual battlefield. Choose the best Invizimal for each habitat and send it to fight against your enemies. View the combat in real time and win more creatures to add to your Invizimals team.

You also have a Board Adviser during the game that will guide you and your enemy through the last turns of the game.

Will you be able to get them all?

* Scan your Invizimals cards to add them to your collection. Don't lose track of the cards that you already have and go for those that you are missing. 

* Connect to other Invizimals hunters and track down the cards that you can trade with your friends.

* View the best fights of your Invizimals on the screen, add their vectors and have fun watching them fight side by side against your enemies.

Cards Edit

InviZimals: TCG

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