InviZimals: Legends
003598RCVAE 0 (1)
Maker Panini
Toy/Sticker? Sticker Album/Card
Licenced Yes

Description Edit

The Invizimals are back! Embark on this adventure that traverses the planet and discover the mysteries of the most powerful creatures on Earth in an incredible collection! 

These creatures, invisible to the human eye, have coexisted with us for centuries without anyone having discovered them ... Or maybe? 

But you, you can discover all about these legendary creatures throughout the 64 pages of the most complete of all the collections, this brings together all the Invizimals reflected throughout the 336 chromos that complete the collection.

All those legends, myths and dreams, in all parts of the world, indicate that the presence of the Invizimals has not always been so hidden. Each creature has its colors, characteristics and combat movements, and many can also evolve. 

Only the best Hunters will be able to discover all the Invizimals and all their secrets! 

Not to be missed! Decipher your mysteries and enjoy collecting this exciting and fun collection of stickers ... 

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