InviZimals: Revolution

InviZimals Revolution Icon
Developer Novarama
Platform ios , Android

Description Edit

Imagine your Invizimals toys come to life! Now you can with Invizimals: Revolution, the new collection of InvizimalsToys. 

Are you ready for the revolution? 

* Scan your Invizimals: Revolution toys or purchase virtual versions through the app to add them to your collection.  

* Know the habitat, attacks and history of each of your favorite characters.  

* Take fun photos with your friends  

* Choose your fighters, the Arena and enjoy the combat! 

Important notes for Invizimals hunters:

* To use this app, you will need at least one Invizimals: Revolution character 

* To use the Alliance Base or Temple Of Light arenas you will need to purchase the relevant playset to view the Augmented Reality and have two Invizimals characters unlocked in your catalogue.  

* To view the Z-Com video you will need to purchase the InvzImals : Z-Com toy 

InviZimals Edit

  1. Dark Ocelotl
  2. Zaphyra
  3. X-Trucktor
  4. Usako
  5. Tigershark + Resonant card
  6. Steel Dragon
  7. Cyclops
  8. Jungle Dragon
  9. Gryphon
  10. Uberjackal
  11. Star Dragon
  12. Ha Ha Yena
  13. Jungleus
  14. Scuttle
  15. Toxitoad + Resonant card
  16. Desert Dragon
  17. Icelion + Resonant card
  18. Dark Icelion
  19. Chupacabra + Resonant card
  20. Metalmutt + Resonant card
  21. Kraken
  22. Jester
  23. Vortex
  24. Xiong Mao + Resonant card