Ironbug Max

Ironbug Max

Color White,Blue,Red
Appearances InviZimals

InviZimals: The Resistance

InviZimals: Battle of the Hunters

Element Ice


In pup stage, Ironbug looks like a beetle with a curved helmet and iron body armour with little spikes. In colt stage, his head is able to move without him moving his helmet and his front arms have developed into clubs. His shoulder armour now has spikes. Ironbug max has developed huge arms and his back and leg armour are no longer attachted. He also has bigger spikes and spikes on his knees.

In-Game ApperancesEdit

Ironbug appeares as the first invizimal that you capture in one of the four storylines, depending on how lucky you are. The other catchable invizimals are Stingwing,Hilltopper and Toxitoad. Ronin in the Tokyo Club had a pup, and Grundthal in the ice mountains club had one on max level as a back up for his thunderwulfe.


Ironbug is an ice invizimal. Ironbug is a phenominal warrior, having good stamina and stamina recovery stats. Its weakness is its not great at attacking. If you combine Ironbugs stamina and recoverey with that it makes up for it. Ironbug is powerful against jungle inviZimals as its strong is a burn. Its advised that Ironbug shoudln't be used against other inviZimals of the same type as two of its attacks are slices.

Stats On Level OneEdit

Life 100
  • Mutant maxGo to the Mutants page or those gnashers you see in front of you will be implanted in your arm!
  • max
  • pup
  • Stingwing pupGo to the Stingwing page for more on the little gymnastic-loving insect.
  • Scan to catch Ironbug
  • Hilltopper pupGo to the Hilltopper page for more on this gold medal winning olympic long jump goat.

Stamina 120

Stamina Recoverey 8

Attack 10

Armour 6


Ironbugs are the spirits of Japanese warriors from centuries ago. Legend says that there souls live in the snowy mountains in the north of Hokkaido, building swords and sheilds from ice prepairing for battle. Ironbugs are thus noble and strong, loyal inviZimals you should keep and grow. Don't let the looks of an Ironbug pup decieve you: in this small creature lies the spirit of a warrior.

How To CaptureEdit

Remain still and silent until Ironbug stands on the trap, then slam your hand on to the Ironbug. If its loud enough, you'll capture it. Best done in a quiet place with a wooden table as noise makes Ironbug stay away from the trap, slamming on something like a bed isnt loud enough and slamming on something like a stone floor might hurt your hand. Captured in Seeing is believing and Asian luxury.