Color Red
Appearances InviZimals

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

InviZimals: The Alliance

Element Rock


Jetcrab Max

Jetcrab max

In pup stage, Jetcrab has a human like head with jagged teeth and a blue spike on its head. He has a set of pincers like all crabs, but he has rockets on his rear end. Colt stage is similar, but is darker in colour and has an extra head spike. He also has two spikes on his pincers. Jetcrab in max stage is a darker colour and it has a fin on his pincers and his body now has rockets attachted directly with armour covering them that grows out of his neck. In mutant, Jetcrab is blue with bright green pincers and feet.

How To Capture Edit

To capture Jetcrab, you need to dodge his attacks and shoot back when you have the chance. Press the X button to shoot and move the PSP to doge his attacks. Jetcrab is caught in the mission High Flying.

InviZimals The Lost Tribes : Keni will give you one to max for you to dare. If you want another id and from the catalog capture it.

In-Game Apperances Edit

Dawson uses a level 4 Jetcrab for vector tutorials and Kitt from the Grand canyon club uses a maxed out one as back up for his bullhorn. Jetcrab is in InviZimals the lost tribes as a part of the second batch of Dark InviZimals.


Jetcrab is a rock inviZimal. Its good in all stats except stamina recovery. Its best stat is its life. Attack is main priority as it can get good upgrades on life anyway. After that, stick to balance. also try to get two upgrades at LEAST on stamina recovery for regular Jetcrabs. This dosent apply to mutant Jetcrabs. Jetcrabs strong against Fire inviZimals as its strong attack is a slice and its quick attack is a charge so its good against Ice inviZimals.

Stats On Level OneEdit

  • Max
  • Pup
  • Dark Jetcrab V.S Dark Sandflame
  • scan to catch Jetcrab

Life 140

Stamina 100

Stamina Recovery 5

Attack 12

Armour 6


InviZimals have dreams and desires. Take the Jetcrab for example. This inviZimal would love to be a pilot, soaring through the skies... and he tries really hard! Poor Jetcrab, hes definetley not an ace pilot, but he's a fun guy indeed.

Dark JetcrabEdit


Dark Jetcrab is aqua with a green jetpack, armour and feet. He also has blue stripes along his arms and claws. One noticibal difference is his claws are detachable and rocket powered. His jets shoot fire, bubbles and water.


All Jetcrabs wish to become aviators, but Dark Jetcrab has reached the 21st century! These little madmen wish to become astronauts, powered by small rockets. Their speed is only matched by their lack of intelligence. If you own a Dark Jetcrab, you'll see him crash more often than you'll see him hit his intended target!

Stats When Caught*Edit

Life 396

Stamina 140

Stamina Recovery 7

Attack 22

Armour 24


Stats When Caught: this was the details on the official InviZimals Website