Color Purple

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

Element Rock

Biography Edit

Decided, confident and dangerous. Kabuto Robo was specifically trained to protect Kenichi's dearest secrets... This invizimal tried to ambush you when you were exploring Keni's house, but luckily you were ready to capture him! Can you teach him to fight on your side now?

How to Capture Edit

To catch Kabuto-Robo you have to go to Kyoto, defeat the Club, capture the invizimals and assemble the archive. After this Kabuto-Robo is attacking you and he is yours to capture. The battle will be fight in three stepps. First Kabuto-Robo will jump out from the sheelts and shoot at you, next he will fly up and shoot at you and at last he will try to fly into you. To win this you have to shoot him down. You shoot with the X button. Remember to move a lot around or you will be hit. Kabuto-Robo attacks fast and hard so be quick.

To customize Kabuto-Robo you have to win the Kyoto Cave Tournament.

Stats Edit

Life 220
Stamina 160
Recovery 12
Attack 21
Armor 3