Rock Dragon
Rock Dragon
Color Brown
Appearances InviZimals

InviZimals: Shadow Zone

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom

InviZimals: The Alliance

InviZimals: The Resistance

InviZimals: Battle of the Hunters

Element Rock
Voiced By Mike Pollack

Biography Edit

Rock dragons live in the craters of volcanoes, where they tend to blend with huge volcanic rocks. In fact if you see a volcano expelling large lava rocks. Many of them are actually Invizimals rock dragons come a time when the volcano should not surprise us that these beasts can create small craters just hitting the ground, right?

How to capture Edit

InviZimals Shadow Zone : One hunter must distract this dragon wihe other will have to shoot at its tail, eventually it falls.

InviZimals The Lost Tribes : Distracted both of them and when his tail shines, shoot him and if he attacks you turn the trap.

InviZimals Battle of the Hunters : Conquer all 5 Rock Landmarks to get First Rock Dragon, unlock its accessibility and enable the possibility of it being found again. Can be captured nearby nearby Uluru Mountain when all Rock Landmarks are Conquered.

Stats Edit

Life 252

Resistance 120

Recharge 20

Attack 22

Armor 15