Color Orange,White

InviZimals: Shadow Zone

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

InviZimals: Battle of the Hunters

Element Desert


In Pup stage, Sandflame looks like a small orange fennec with a black and grey tail with a white tip. He also has red claws and grey markings on his legs. In Colt, he has two small, red spikes just above his claws. His face is more fox-like and his markings cover the full width of his legs. His ears are longer and white with grey lining. In Max stage his tail is covered in quill like tips of fur. His markings have grown into a grey coverage on his back. Also, the red spikes 'above his claws are longer and now curl downwards.

Biography Edit

Sandflame was the pet of the pharaoh, who loved to play with this hyperactive creature. Pharaoh was so close to Sandflame, this creature was buried with pharaoh. Thus, Sandflame became a spirit, and the spirit became an inviZimal, gaurding the tomb of the pharaoh for thousands of years from intruders... until you found them.

How To CaptureEdit

InviZimals Shadow Zone : you control its toy, use the analog stick to move it about and cause the sandflame to smack into the boxes, get it dizzy enough and it's yours.

To catch Sandflame, you need him to get dizzy. You control his toy with the analog stick and try to avoid getting caught. Try to circle around one of the four blocks. The blocks only stop you though, Sandflame barges through them.

InviZimals The Lost Tribes: Go around all the time.

In-Game Apperances

Sandflame made only made one apperance, a Level 12 Max that was used by Jamal in the Cairo Club in InviZimals: Shadow Zone.

Fighting Edit

Sandflame is a Desert InviZimal. His best stat is his stamina, which helps considering that he has weak attack. You should upgrade only his attack until you get to level 6, then you can upgrade whatever stats you want. Sandflames strong attack is a slice and his quick attack is a burn so hes best against Fire and Jungle inviZimals.

Stats On Level OneEdit

Life 100

Stamina 140

Stamina Recovery 9

Attack 10

Armour 0