Spectral Dragon
Spectral Dragon 1
Color White

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

InviZimals: The Alliance

Element Ice

Description Edit

The most horrifiying thing that could show up in your nightmares is a Spectral Dragon. It haunts the night sky, hunting for its favourite food. Fear.


A Spectral Dragon has a skull-like head with a set of razor-sharp teeth. Its body consists of a skeleton with some flesh still remaining. Along his back are pointed bones with blue, black and purple damaged and ripped skin flaps between them. His legs are skeletal, with a yellow spike on each side of its hip. Another spike portrudes from each shoulder. His wings are the same pattern as the skin flaps on his back and they are torn and old, with each looking unusable.

Biography Edit

Have you ever heard the laughter of a spectral dragon in a dark night?... Maybe at some point this inviZimal died, but he refused to stay that way! This evil InviZimal was created in the most frightening nightmares. with him by your side the battle will be a lot easier... that is, if your brave enough!

How to capture Edit

InviZimals Lost Tribes : Win the Spectral Dragon Cave Tournament

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Reynette from the Spectral Dragon Cave has one. In Star Dragon Cave, Oleg & Irina have Spectral Dragons.


Spectral Dragons are attack specialist Ice Dragons, with higher stamina recovery and attack than Ice Dragons. Because of this they are highly recommended for difficult fights. With their high stamina recovery they will recover from releasing huge attacks quickly, and their attack gives it an extra tough quick attacking style. Its quick attack is poison, making it tough against Ocean and its strong attack is a Sonic, stopping otherwise deadly Diamond and Rock Dragons from getting anywhere near it.

Stats On Level Nine*Edit

Life 168

Stamina 140

Stamina Recovery 25

Attack 19

Armour 6