Tag-Team fighting was first introduced in InviZimals: The Lost Tribes. You choose two InviZimals from your catalogue to fight. Press <- to swap InviZimals. Vectors can force you to swap or stop you from swapping. To win both two enemy inviZimals have to be defeated.

Here are some points about vectors:

  • InviZimals cannot be swapped while an enemy is using a vector.
  • Lasting vectors like wall, symmetry, snowstorm, reanimator, gaurdian angel, screen jammer, drain, force, sheild, strength & confusion effect all inviZimals on your team.

Here are some tips for battling:

  • You can use two of the same InviZimal raised in different ways and interchange in the combat depending on what you want to do. It also gives you an excellent variety of strategy.