Voiced By Frank Todaro
Appearances InviZimals

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

InviZimals: The Alliance

InviZimals: The Resistance

InviZimals: Battle of the Hunters

InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom

Element Desert

Biography Edit

Ancient Egyptians had lots of idols they worship, like the massive Überjackal, one of the rare Invizimals. This powerful creature never evolves, and has somehow unleashed the power of magic. Thus, he doesn't need to use his body , but his powerful spells to win a battle.

How to Capture Edit

InviZimals The Lost tribes : Complete page 17 of Keni's diary and after doing so go to the Congo Archives club and defeat Koyum. If you do you will get this invizimal along with a Flamenclaw Max. It will appear between 8:00 and 20:00.

Stats Edit

Life 216

Resistance 168

Recharge 11

Attack 29

Armor 12

Uberjackal logo